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Accountable Body Agreement

A support function: provide technical advice on relevant legislation to discuss the risks associated with reviewing a specific approach that the LLEP Board of Directors must review, develop funding agreements and contracts) when the LLEP Board of Directors decides what to do next. The responsible agency can play a role in risk management on behalf of SARA. A supervisory function: to ensure that public funds are treated in accordance with applicable procedures and subsidy conditions and that funds are used according to adequacy, regularity and value for money. These include a monitoring function of processes such as the governance of the LLEP and transparency agreements, compliance with the framework and an agreement on control agreements, in order to ensure compliance with the monitoring and reporting obligations of the Section 151 officer; This includes the retention of appropriate documents relating to funding decisions. The body accountable is also responsible for escalating concerns about non-delivery and/or mismanagement if this cannot be resolved at the local level. The LLEP Board of Directors and its governance structure (where appropriate delegation programs are available) is the strategic body responsible for deciding the activities of LLEP and the LLEP program. However, the responsible body is responsible for overseeing the proper management of financial affairs within the LLEP with regard to public funds. Leicester City Council is the governing body of llEP. A funding function: participation in public funds paid by the government on behalf of the LLEP; The accounting body adds $50,000 to the annual budget itself. The responsible body is responsible for the provision of internal audit services to the joint committee and audit reports relating to the joint committee are reviewed by its audit committee in accordance with the usual rules and practices applicable to it. The responsible body deals with officials in order to implement the decisions of the joint committee, the project management group. The responsible body is not required to make payments due in accordance with this agreement until the responsible body receives funds from the joint committee in accordance with this clause 12.3.

There are three key areas for the responsible body: the responsible body and the responsible bodies on behalf of the Joint Committee and the other parties.