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Mint Agreement

8.8 Wi-Fi features. Mint Mobile may, at its sole discretion, provide voice and wi-fi sms services, i.e. the ability to create and terminate calls and text messages via Wi-Fi calling. If Mint Mobile is offered, Wi-Fi Calling will only be available to Mint Mobile customers who (i) have a Mint Mobile wifi device with a Mint Mobile-compatible Wi-Fi call function, (ii) provide Wi-Fi calling services on their account, (iii) have a compatible SIM card and (iv) are connected to a working third-party Internet service. Not all services available on the Mint Mobile provider`s network are available during Wi-Fi calls. For example, emergency alerts for Wi-Fi calls may not be available. You acknowledge that a 9-1-1 call via Wi-Fi Calling uses the Internet and works differently from the conventional 9-1-1 (see our full 9-1-1 revelation published on Mint Mobile`s website at mintmobile.com/911-disclosure). For example, 9-1-1 may not work in the event of power or internet outages or outages, or when the Internet or your service is interrupted. Location information when using Wi-Fi calls may be limited or unavailable. If Mint Mobile provides you with a WI-Fi call, you must tell us your current main address. If the location where you primarily use a WI-Fi call changes temporarily or permanently, you should immediately update your address with Mint Mobile. You can give us your main address or update your main address by contacting us at the email address, phone number or postal address listed in section 12. If you do not provide us with your primary address and update it immediately as described above, we or our network provider may block your use of certain Wi-Fi networks.

If you select 9-1-1 from your main address via Wi-Fi, we and our network provider may have little or no information about your location. NEITHER MINT MOBILE NOR ITS NETWORK PROVIDER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING RELATED TO THEIR USE OR THE INABILITY TO USE WI-FI CALLS MADE AVAILABLE TO YOU, INCLUDING, BUT NOT JUST AN EMERGENCY CALL OUTAGE (9-1-1 OR OTHER CALLS).