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This Political Declaration serves exclusively as a direction for NRC and States Parties in the implementation of the contracting state`s agenda. This declaration of principles does not itself set legally binding requirements for States Parties. Moreover, nothing in this Start Printed Page 48536statement directive expands the legal authority of contracting states, which go beyond the legal regime already closed by Section 274 of the AEA and other competent jurisdictions; This political statement also does not diminish or restrict the NRC`s authority under the AEA. The implementation procedures under this policy statement must be consistent with NRC legal authorities and contracting states. 2. For the purposes of this political statement, the “Commission” refers to the five commissions or quorum as a body under Section 201 of the Energy Reorganisation Act 1974 (42 U.C 5841). The NRC will minimize the number of NRA regulatory requirements that States Parties must agree to in order to maintain compatibility. At the same time, the requirements in these compatibility categories allow NRC to ensure that there is an orderly model for the regulation of contract equipment at the federal level. The NRC believes that this approach strikes the right balance between the need for state flexibility in the agreement and the need for a coherent and compatible NMP with the regulation of contract equipment across the country. This statement of principles addresses the interaction between federal countries within the AEA in concluding and maintaining agreements (1) with states under subsection 274b, which provide for the termination by NRC and the management of a regulatory program for the safe use of contract equipment by NRC; (2) ensure that the interactions between NRC and the agreement`s radiation control programs are coordinated in accordance with the agreement; and (3) to ensure that States Parties provide adequate protection of public health and safety and maintain programs consistent with NRC`s regulatory agenda.

As part of the performance assessment process, NRC will take the necessary steps to ensure that the agreement`s state radiation control programs remain appropriate and compatible. These measures may contribute to the more frequent review of the IMPEP of agreement status programmes and assistance in addressing problems or areas that need to be improved within the framework of a contracting state programme. Monitoring, enhanced supervision, parole, suspension or termination of an agreement may be used in the event of failures or emergencies (. B for example, loss of funding, natural or human events, pandemic). NRC`s actions to address program deficiencies or emergencies are implemented through a clearly defined and consistently and fairly implemented process. 1. The implementation of the Contracting States Programme is described below and contains: (a) principles of good regulation; b) performance evaluation on a consistent and systematic basis; (c) the responsibility to ensure adequate protection of public health and public safety, including the physical protection of contract equipment; (d) compatibility in areas of national interest; and (e) sufficient flexibility in the implementation and management of programs to meet the individual needs of the state. NRC and States Parties are responsible for ensuring adequate protection of public health and public safety in the management of their respective regulatory programs, including the physical protection of contract equipment.