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Rockwell Automation System Sales Agreement

The parties acknowledge that they have demanded that the agreement that has been drawn up be written in English. The parties acknowledge that they have demanded that the Contract be drafted in English. In the event of a conflict between the English and other versions, sales outside North America and sales of other Rockwell Automation products and services may be subject to separate or complementary terms of sale. For more information, please contact your sales office closest to Rockwell Automation. 7. SUPPORT SERVICES: Rockwell Automation does not offer support services for the software as part of this SALLE. You have no right to software updates, upgrades or extensions unless you purchase a service contract for Rockwell Automation`s support service separately. Rockwell Automation offers several software support services. For more information, please contact your local distributor or a Rockwell Automation representative. These terms and conditions of sale (as well as all written information, offers and/or additional terms and conditions of the seller) regulate exclusively the sale or granting by the seller of licenses of all goods and services (including: not limited to materials, firmware and software, training, programming, maintenance, engineering, parts, repair and restoration services, known as “products,” which are made available to the buyer below, whether this sale or license is made through paper transactions or through facsimiles or other forms of electronic data exchange (EDI) or e-commerce, represents the entire agreement between the buyer and the seller. The receipt or acceptance by the Buyer of the delivery of the products ordered or purchased here constitutes the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. A supplement or amendment to these Terms and Conditions is not mandatory for the Seller, unless it has been signed in writing by an agent at the Seller`s headquarters.

The Seller objects and refuses other conditions that may be proposed by the Buyer or that appear in the Buyer`s order or requirement or that are referred to those that are added to the conditions that are set out in it or that are referenced or that do not otherwise coincide. Accelerate your digital transformation with the help of experienced systems integrators, licensed distributors, OEM and Encompass product partners, licensed developers and our alliance strategic partners. Balance of 30 (30) days from the billing date with authorized current balance, as determined by the seller. The seller can make partial accounts and demand incremental payments. The seller reserves the right to make invoices electronically and to receive payment by electronic transfer. Credit card payment is subject, if applicable, to credit card validation and authorization both at the time of agreement and just before shipping. The seller reserves the right to suspend any other benefits under this subpage or in some other way if the payment is not made at maturity. Compensation is not allowed. Interest expense is added to outstanding invoices of 1.5% per month (subject to legal restrictions).