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Sample Job Share Agreement

If a role has changed, job-sharing partners may request that their role be audited as part of the role verification process. If two employees share a full-time role on a job-sharing basis, it is worth including our job-sharing clause in both employment contracts. Note that if one job-sharer goes, you can`t just lay off the other. c. The overall tasks and responsibilities of the entire position are distributed among the partners on the employment division. The precise organization agreed on the work of the job-sharing partners is decided by the manager. The employment contract provides for a structured form of part-time work in which two people share a job. The tasks of each operation are distributed and the hours, salaries and benefits of full-time employment are divided directly into the number of hours worked by each employee. This contract, designed to be simple on the basis of a 50/50 distribution of workload, includes the time during which the two workers “overlap” to ensure continuity in the office. This is not an exhaustive list, but a few examples. Ideally, job-sharing partners should work part-time. Sometimes it can be helpful to spread the hours on an uneven basis, i.e. one partner works 2 days and the other partner works 3 days.

the remaining job-sharing partner should use all available contacts to help find a partner, this contract contains an important clause that clarifies what happens when a job-sharing partner decides to leave the company or be transferred to the company. It ensures that the employer has maximum flexibility to deal with such a situation. If it is not possible to find an appropriate employment partner, an organization-wide search is needed to find another workstation for the remaining employment partner, as it provides flexibility for the employees involved and the company, especially when there are overlapping work schedules during busy periods. Half of the vacancy should be subject to a vacancy notice A current full-time worker may want to reduce his or her work time by sharing his or her position.