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Scada Agreement

3. Prohibited uses: the processing of third-party data for use by third parties is not permitted, unless there is a separate written agreement from ACE-Hellas. You cannot act as a service office or application service provider that allows third parties to access the software. You cannot sell, rent, house, rent, rent, sub-conced, sub-conced, lend, celebrate, work part-time, transfer or access to un conceded third parties. They must not redevelop, decompilize, unwind, modify, modify or create works derived from the software and associated materials, unless they are in accordance with this Agreement and only to the extent specified in the corresponding materials, to re-develop, decompile, modify, modify or create derivative works. 4. Third-party components: The software may use third-party software components (“third-party components”). Copyright advice and/or licenses for third-party components are available in the “Legal Information” file provided by the software or can be requested by contacting info@scadapro.eu. The licensing conditions for all third-party component licensing conditions work in conjunction with this Agreement and together are full declarations of your rights and restrictions regarding the software. Based on the monthly state report and a custom agreement, all recommended spare parts are always in stock to ensure a high level of service at all times. IMPORTANT – READ CAREFULLY: This software licensing agreement “SCADA PRO” (“Agreement”) is a legal agreement between you (either a natural person or a single entity) and ACE-Hellas SA (“ACE-Hellas”) for the software and related hardware with which this contract is provided.

By installing, downloading, copying, accessing or any other use of the software and associated materials, you accept the terms of this Agreement. IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT ALL THESE CONDITIONS, DO NOT DOWNLOAD, INSTALL OR USE THE SOFTWARE AND ASSOCIATED MATERIALS. Notwithstanding the general rule of both, you cannot use or provide the Software as a component in a turnkey or stand-alone data transfer system or service for third parties, unless a separate written agreement is obtained by ACE-Hellas. If you wish to acquire rights that go beyond the rights conferred by this agreement, you can do so by info@scadapro.eu ACE-Hellas outside of the benefits of each Service Level Agreement, you are entitled to the general benefits of the Level Agreement Service: encryption and authentication with an updated user experience In case of an emergency, you can count on the call of our 24/365 hotline and ask for help. As a premium customer, you can expect us to be on site within 24 hours of accepting an offer of on-site support.