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Settlement Agreement Prevod

I, the signed chairman of the obligor`s board of directors, duly authorized by its board of directors, heresafter certifies that the obligor, if notified in writing to the Bank and cancelled in writing by the Bank, was present at the time of this certificate of compliance for the entire six-month reference period, immediately before the date of that certificate. , in accordance with all commitments, commitments and agreements contained in the Facility Agreement and each of the other financing and project documents in which it is involved, and no events or events that are mentioned or continue in point 13.1 of the Facility Agreement. 1. sign the facility agreement and the issuance of the repayment guarantee, the claims, communications, certificates, letters or other documents to be submitted under the facility agreement and any other agreement in which the Bank and the debtor may be involved in this context; and (d) in the context of a financing lease, a deferred purchase agreement or other agreement that compromises the commercial effect of a loan or loan by the debtor; “Financial Statements,” the debtor`s financial statements prepared in accordance with its beech trees and satisfactory to the issuer; In view of the guarantee agreement of 19 December 2001 (facilitation agreement) between Uljanik Brodogradilite d.d. (the obligor) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the “Bank”), I am duly empowered by the Board of Directors to certify, signed (Chairman of the Board of Directors) (Chairman of the Board of Directors), that, on behalf of the debtor, the names, offices and actual standard signatures of the persons of whom are one and who are (until the bank has received an effective written notification debtor). that they or any of them are no longer authorized on behalf of the debtor: “project”, the project for which the guarantee facility agreement is implemented in accordance with the guarantee facility agreement, as described in the guarantee facility agreement, since this description may be changed from time to time by mutual agreement between the parties; “guarantee contract,” this warranty contract; 1 We refer to the December 19, 2001 repayment guarantee agreement (“easy deal”) between us as debtors and you, as issuer, as part of a guarantee facility of up to $11,490,000. The terms defined in the facility agreement are served when used in this claim. (iii) a lease, lease or charter that causes financial indebtedness of a person concerned, is terminated by the lessor or landlord, or may be terminated as a result of a termination event; or 18. Ako zu zahtijeva Zajmodavac, a u vezi s bilo kojim od gore navedenih dokumenata, prijevod na Engleski jezik od strane ovla-tenog tuma`a koji ée prevesti prevoditelj kojeg odobri Zajmodavac. (D) The guarantor considers the contract and the agreement of guarantee facilities as important steps to promote fair international cooperation in the shipbuilding sector and better access of the Republic of Croatia to the global shipping market and has accepted, given the conclusion of such a guarantee agreement with the debtor , to guarantee certain obligations of the debtor as part of such a repayment guarantee agreement.

Unesite rijeé za prevod: Engleski rje-nik Njema-ki rjesnik Latinski rje`nik Turski rje`nik Ma`arski rje`nik Francuski rje`nik Slovenski rje`nik “guarantee contract” refers to the agreement described in Preamble C; and to that end, as a calendar 1, which can be changed from time to time; a “counter-guarantee agreement”, a counter-guarantee agreement, as it appears in Schedule B or in some other form, as the issuer may agree with Croatia; (e) all agreements, documents and instruments previously forwarded to the issuer in accordance with item 7.1 remain fully in force.