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Prices for the five days of trading up to the last trading day included, which is in the area of the premium/discount of comparable issues (excluding outliers). Despite the wide range of discounts/increases in comparable issues at the closing price of the last trading day/date of the notification and the average closing price for the five days of trading just prior to the announcement, (i) comparable issues are considered a general benchmark for market practice with respect to the placement/subscription/issue of new shares under specific mandate by listed companies under the most recent market conditions and in the most recent market conditions; and (ii) comparable issues have been objectively selected on the basis of the above criteria and constitute a comprehensive list of relevant comparable issues, we believe it is appropriate to compare the discounts/premiums presented by the reference price with those of comparable issues with respect to the most recent stock prices as part of our benchmark price assessment. Entered into the subscription agreement of September 7, 2020 We conducted an analysis of comparable issues by searching the website of the Exchange at the best effort for all share issues (the “comparable issues”), which were announced from January 1, 2020 and until the date immediately before the date applicable by the companies listed on the Board of Directors of the Exchange, offering/underwriting/issuing new shares under a given mandate, excluding acquisitions, restructurings, loan capitalization, stock plan, public offering, mandatory cash offer, bond waiver and issuance of convertible bonds or A shares. This analysis excludes share issues that have been discontinued or cancelled after the fact. We believe that an audit period from January 1, 2020 to the date immediately prior to the last practice date, which is approximately nine months, is appropriate and appropriate, given that comparable issues are considered the general benchmark for market practice for determining the benchmark price under the most recent market conditions. In our view, comparable questions constitute a comprehensive list of relevant comparable questions on the basis of the above criteria and are fair and representative samples, given the similarity of the nature of comparable programming and subscription. Closing the subscription of the shares under the jade As discussed with the management of the company, they considered other forms of fundraising, including other equity funds (. For example, a subscription offer or an open offer) and debt financing (such as bank loans and other loans). Other equity funds, such as .B issuance of subscription rights or open offer, would be more expensive to obtain if they considered, among other things, the insurance commission, documentation and other fees. In addition, an issue of rights or an open offer would involve the creation and issuance of a prospectus, which, with the time required to hold a shareholder meeting if shareholder agreement is required, would result in a longer timetable for the process and an increasing risk of closure.