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Tesla Test Drive Agreement

Test the car. Most used car dealers and sellers online allow you to test the car alone. Not all Tesla stores offer testing, and in some states tesla is not allowed to test because of outdated dealer laws. So check your local laws first. Now that Tesla is delivering the Model Y, I thought I`d take a test. But what are the possibilities in the face of the global pandemic and the inability to go to a merchant? Consider a Model Y for the family? EV Vlogger Ben Sullins, who spoke at some of our Electric Auto Association events, shared this video of his family`s fun experience while driving the Model Y. There`s a lot of talk about electric cars, the tesla chief among them. But as Tesla is different from other manufacturers in the way they market, sell and deliver their cars, we thought it would be useful to answer the question of how to buy a Tesla anyway, starting by testing one. Online used car companies such as Shift and Carvana still provide cars and tests — and even accept trade-in — while respecting the company`s set-up rules. Touchless also didn`t mean a key to pass me. The salesman had not only launched the car with his mobile phone, he had programmed the route to navigation. There was a restriction.

As the Tesla is keyless, it was important to run the car, even when changing drivers. Of course, the commercial was able to monitor our test trip on his phone (including our speed), so it is likely that he would have noticed our mistake and restarted it remotely. If there are no stores near you or if they don`t have to travel, you can find local test events via Tesla`s website or fan events like Drive Electric Week, where there are sometimes trials. Some local/regional organizations of EV supporters also exist for this purpose, such as one in Florida. It`s interesting to note that Tesla, with its dynamic “over the air” updates, can, if necessary, add special features to deal with contactless testing and deliveries. For other electric vehicle brands, each car dealership must invent its own process, and this would not involve the close support of the Tesla engineering team. The results are quite clear in light of the latest overall sales statistics. I visited Tesla`s website, specially created to book trials, and a few clicks later I was scheduled for 4 p.m. this afternoon. When my wife and I went to the Tesla store, I was curious to see how Tesla technology was used to support his “Touchless” test.

I was expecting a low-touch experience, and it was, apart from exchanging my driver`s license with the consultant and with a finger, to sign an insurance contract. We were told that the inside of Model Y had been wiped, and that for my wife and I, it was ready to take for a rotation. So far, fairly standard treatment, no different from any other dealer.