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In recitals, it will often be a language that has no equivalence in the world of civil law (for example. B consideration). They contain basic information that the parties consider relevant and can generally be considered contextual considerations, considerations of interest and considerations relating to simultaneous transactions. Like the introductory clauses described above, they may also contain an archaic language that should not be translated literally. As we can see, the three concepts reflect the idea of the agreement as it is used in the legal texts. They are so closely linked that one is defined directly after the other and can be used interchangeably depending on the context. Translations of private legal contracts for companies and individuals: sales/sales contracts, distribution agreements, terms, financial statements, legal opinions, etc. Legal translations are not simple, they must be precise, legal terms must be translated with absolute precision, nothing can be lost in translation… Legal translations are so demanding that few translation offices can provide the required level. Contracts are supposed to be confidential by nature. When planning the translation of your contract, also consider how the contract remains confidential during the translation process. One way to do this is to sign a confidentiality agreement with the translator. In the area of private law, we usually find contracts within the framework of convenios, that is, the voluntary agreement for the creation and transfer of obligations and rights.

On the other hand, a convenio not only creates and transfers these rights and obligations, but alters or dissolves them. Translation tip: Contract signatories often use the word to draw. You don`t have to reflect this error in your translation. Instead, reward it for your client and use the language of the contract. Translation Tip: Talk to your client about removing archaisms if they do not fulfill any specific legal purpose. But if your client insists on keeping them, then translate the meaning, not the words. We work with local translators with legal expertise. Translation of treaties, treaties, deeds, patents and remedies. The lead-in introduces the text of the contract and should always be translated into a language of agreement, not the language of the service. Let`s start by finding out what an agreement really is. The following definitions are provided in the Merriam Webster dictionary: 1.a.