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Work And Pay Agreement In Ghana

If the owner terminates the contract because he is doubtful, the driver could bring him to justice. The Union and SOCIETE resume negotiations on wage rates at any time after twelve months from the date of this agreement and only once in the twenty-four months following the start of this agreement, giving the other party the intention to do so for one month. Second, the purchase price of the vehicle must be known, the weekly or monthly payments that must be made against the purchase and the period in which the payment is to be made. It is appropriate that the agreement be attested by two people: one for the seller and the other for the buyer. When a worker is required to spend a normal day/working time in the day of his recognized workstation Normal hours are 08 hours per day and 40 hours per week. The worker may work longer, provided that the average working time does not exceed the normal working time, i.e. eight hours per day and forty hours per week. However, the law does not set the rate of overtime pay. Overtime is generally paid at 150% of the normal hourly wage. Source: No. 33-38 of the Labor Act 2003 (Law 651) I`m in Takoradi, I can pay for one of the jobs and cars 6. In the event of a work-related injury or illness resulting from and during employment, a worker is treated at the company`s expense until the worker returns to work or retires for medical reasons. The worker receives his full monthly salary and other benefits during the period during which he may be absent from work because of the aforementioned accident/illness.

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